Hosting with IST DocStor Legal

IST DocStor Legal has designed a Cloud Based solution that can be hosted in our state-of-the-art data centers or on your premises via dedicated servers.  Each hosting solutions provides you with fast and safe access to your documents along with the full set of IST DocStor Legal features.

So what hosting solution is right for you?

IST DocStor Legal Host Solution

On Premises Host Solution

  • No Software Licensing Costs (i.e. Microsoft SQL server)
  • No New Infrastructure Cost (i.e. Servers)
  • IT Support Included / Low Cost for Services
  • IST Provides All of the Knowhow and Hard Work
  • Control Over All of Your Systems and Data
  • Corporate / Firm Data Stored and Handled Internally
  • Dedicated IT Staff for Maintenance / Support
  • Initial Investment is High But Pays Off Overtime.

To Find Out Which Solution Works Best For You Request a Demo of IST DocStor Legal.

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 IST DocStor Legal Features:


electronic document management


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