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Email Management | Microsoft

Outlook Integration

Microsoft Outlook Integration lets you quickly and easily manage and save your emails into IST DocStor Legal.  Using the native Outlook folder structure that you are already familiar with, emails are saved into IST DocStor Legal by dragging and dropping them into the appropriate folders.  Emails can also be saved from Outlook to IST DocStor Legal by simply selecting or typing in the client and matter in the integrated quick file menu bar.

Email Management Features

Drag and Drop

Email Notifications

Using your Outlook folder structure, emails are dragged and dropped into client and matter folders are instantly saved into the corresponding IST DocStor Legal folder.

Using the Outlook Categories feature, all emails filed in IST DocStor Legal are tagged letting you know what emails are being stored in the system directly in Outlook.

Quick File

Multi-Email Filing

An alternative to drag and drop filing, emails can be saved to DocStor Legal via the quick file menu that lets you easily search and select the correct client and matter directly in Outlook.

Whether using drag and drop or quick file, multiple emails can be selected and filed into IST DocStor Legal at one time.

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