IST DocStor Legal Features:

Document Scanning

The legal industry is still largely comprised of paper documents and accessing and searching these files is costly and inefficient.    IST DocStor Legal’s built in ScanPlus Client allows for paper documents to quickly be fully OCR scanned into the system providing fast searching and access to the documents from anywhere at anytime.

You can choose to convert your entire records department into digital files or quickly scan files into the system on-demand as they are requested giving you greater control, access and freedom to your matters.

Document Scanning Features

Scan Plus Client

Paperless Office

The built in ScanPlus client lets you scan, OCR and upload documents into the correct client and matter folder directly from IST DocStor Legal.

IST can provide the labor and systems to convert all of your physical files into digital documents, allowing you to eliminate your records room and off-site storage.

OCR Scanning

All files are fully OCR scanned allowing you to use full text searching of documents inside IST DocStor Legal.

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