IST DocStor Legal Features:

Document Management

Imagine having all your emails, pleadings, depositions and correspondence in single location filed by matter, client or project.

Imagine being able to view, edit, create and share all of your documents no matter where you are located.

Imagine never wasting time again searching for that specific file or email hidden in mass of documents.


Imagine no more, IST DocStor Legal is the cloud-based document management system that is giving your law firm total control, access and freedom to what matters, your documents.

Document Management Features


Advanced Search

Fully customizable, your workspace is quickly and easily set up to match your current file structure so that finding a matter, a client or file mirrors your current process right down to the specific folders for each department.

Intuitive key word, phrase or matter number searching with full text search across the entire database makes finding information quick and simple.

Editing Documents

Annotating Documents

Microsoft Office integration allows for documents to be opened in IST DocStor Legal or Microsoft Office and edited directly in the native program and saved back to IST DocStor Legal.

Add sticky note annotations, bookmarks and earmarks directly in IST DocStor Legal via Adobe Reader and share in real-time with colleagues and support staff.

Document Versioning

Document Comparison

Automatically saves a new version of the document each time it is opened and quickly provides access to previous versions.

Compare and identify changes made in two versions of the same document directly in IST DocStor Legal.

Audit History

Document Comparison

See the history of every document activity by user, action, date and time.

Compare and identify changes made in two versions of the same document directly in IST DocStor Legal.

User Permissions and Access

Built-In Retention policy

Set matter, client or document access rights for individuals or groups preserving ethical walls.

Set up retention polices for both physical and digital expiring documents with automated alters.

electronic document management


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