IST DocStor Legal Features:


Every firm stores documents differently and every user has different viewing preferences. IST DocStor Legal gives companies and users the ability to customize their workspaces to meet their unique needs and requirements.

Customization Features

Customized Workspaces

Unlimited Workspace Templates

IST DocStor Legal has the ability to quickly and easily customize workspaces to meet your firm's document filing process.

There is no limit to the number of templates for workspaces that you can create allowing different departments and practice groups set up their workspaces to meet their need.

Auto Created Workspaces

New client and matter workspaces can be created with one click with the customized file structure auto-generated workspaces.

Customized User Dashboard

Every user has a customized dashboard that can be laid out to show the information that is most important to them upon log in.

User Created Folders

Access rights can be created to allow users to create new folders inside workspaces and other folders with a simple mouse click.

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